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Player Ratings

The Lake Country Pickleball Club (LCPC) is committed to providing a fun, and challenging level of play for all members. Players of similar skill levels are grouped together for scheduled play throughout the pickleball season. To promote this philosophy, the club uses skill level ratings determined through self-rating, tournament play, play in club leagues, and/or through skill level assessments.  

To help you understand how ratings can impact your play, Pickleball Canada has dedicated a complete section on their website with lots of good information on Ratings. All members are encouraged to take some time to review this information so that you can properly self rate your skill level for club and tournament play. Click on the logo below to open the Pickleball Canada website "Ratings" page in a new window. 

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Players who are interested in tournament and/or league play are required to setup a profile in Pickleball Brackets. Please take the time to read the document on "Self Assessment" on the Pickleball Canada website, there is some good information on how to setup your initial rating in Pickleball Brackets that will help you play at a competitive level. Once you are comfortable with your self rating and establish your profile, you can join Leagues and enter tournaments at LCPC, as well as other pickleball clubs.  Click on the logo below to go to the Pickleball Brackets website;

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