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Player Development Program

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Player Development Program (PDP)

The mission of the Player Development Committee is to improve the quality of play for all players in the LCPC.  

Chairperson - Alan Hargreaves

Co-Chair - TBA

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LCPC asks members to be patient while the "finishing touches" are added to the Player Development Program. The mild spring has allowed us to plan an early start to the season and some details of the PDP program still need to be finalized. Many of our members (about 30%) have not returned from their winter homes and it is expected club operations and playing groups will ramp up through April. Your patience and co-operation is appreciated and information that is important to you will be posted to this website or emailed to you through the Pickleball Canada email system. Thank you and see you on the courts !

Lake Country Pickleball Executive Team 

The Lake Country Pickleball Club (LCPC) is committed to providing a fun, enjoyable and challenging level of play for all members. In the past we have tried a number of programs and methods to evaluate and group players - none have worked well. This season we are preparing a Player Development Program (PDP) to help raise the level of play for all members of our club and provide a simple method for player evaluations and movement. 

Player Evaluations

Ratings are very subjective, and sometimes personal. Most clubs try a variety of methods to divide play between levels of players to ensure that participants are allowed to play with players of a similar level.  Determination of this level can be controversial as players often believe that they are at a higher level than their skills dictate.   Levels at different clubs can vary wildly.


Under the direction of the PDP, player evaluations will be available on a monthly basis during club court times. The ideal situation is for the player being rated to play with players who are already in the target group. For example, if a player wants to move to the “Green Team” he/she should demonstrate their ability to play with players from that group. It is important to note that winning games during this part of the assessment is irrelevant.  The player being assessed is expected to demonstrate the skills required to perform at the target level.  

Skills & Drills

There has been a number of Skills and Drills sessions successfully completed during the first few weeks of the season. If there is continuing interest for skill development, the PDP will work with the interested playing groups to provide instruction. Court time is available during our Wednesday evening time slots from 5-8PM on the permanent courts at Benchlands Park. 

If your group is interested in having a skills and drills session, have your team captain or representative contact the PDP by email and we will  work with you to make this happen!

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