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LCPC Membership Information

All membership applications and renewals are processed using the Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS).  Please follow the instructions on the PCNS website to enter your personal data, check off acceptance of the waivers and submit your online payment.  You will receive a confirmation notice following the of completion of your registration. 

Your LCPC Membership includes:

  • Organized club play during reserved outdoor court times at Benchlands Park from April thru November. 

  • Access to exclusive club events, functions and newsletter.

  • Priority access to register and compete in club tournaments.

  • Priority access to drills, clinics, and coaching offered by LCPC.

  • Club rating clinics on designated dates during the season.

  • The opportunity to vote on club issues throughout the year including the LCPC Annual General Meeting.

  • Access to an incredible network of fun-loving, enthusiastic, and welcoming pickleball players.

Membership Fees

All memberships (new and renewing) are processed through the national registration system called the Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS). The PCNS is your "one-stop location" for joining Lake Country Pickleball Club (LCPC), Pickleball BC (PBC) and Pickleball Canada (PCO). The three governing entities – LCPC, PBC, PCO - each determine their own membership fee. You pay all the fees at once and the PCNS automatically credits the three partners.  The fees to join LCPC for the 2024 season include: 

Lake Country Pickleball     $ 52.50

Pickleball BC                          $   5.00

Pickleball Canada                 $ 10.00

Total                                         $ 67.50*

*Payment of fees is online by credit card or PayPal. Cheques are not accepted. As is common with online payment systems there is a transaction fee of 4.9% plus $0.50 plus applicable sales tax. This is a combination of the fee charged by the financial agency that collects and distributes the money to the three parties and for the support and development of the Pickleball Canada National System.

If you are a member of another pickleball club and previously registered with Pickleball Canada and/or Pickleball BC, you will only be charged the LCPC registration fee of $52.50 plus taxes and fees. Previous payments will automatically be recognized by the PCNS system based on your membership number.  

Confirmation that you have successfully registered and paid your fees through the PCNS system will be delivered to the email address on your Pickleball Canada profile. 

More detailed information on how your fees are distributed and what they are used for is available by clicking on the Pickleball Canada logo below:


Update your profile ... click the button below

you will be redirected to the Pickleball Canada website to login to your account.


Drop In Play

Lake Country Pickleball welcomes players at all skill levels from beginner to professional! If you are new to the game, or vacationing in the area you can drop in on one of our scheduled play days! Your first visit is free, and just $5 per day after that. Drop in players should check in with a Group Captain prior to start of play to determine if there is space available in the group, and must sign a waiver form before play begins. You can download a copy of the LCPC waiver form and bring it with you by clicking on the button below. 

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