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About Us

Fun, Fitness & Friends!

The Lake Country Pickleball Club (LCPC) was founded in 2020 to bring together a growing group of pickleball enthusiasts and provide an organization to help grow the sport in Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada. LCPC is a registered non-profit organization, operated by an elected Board of Directors and volunteers, and a sanctioned member of Pickleball Canada. We have developed a strong working relationship with the District of Lake Country that provides our club with exclusive access to community facilities and the foundation to build programs for players of all ages and skill levels. LCPC is very appreciative of the support provided by the District of Lake Country Council and staff. 

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We all love the game.

Whatever level you play, you are welcome to become one of us.

The Lake Country Pickleball Club (LCPC) was formed to help organize and grow the sport in Lake Country for the enjoyment, health and social engagement of all players. We promote a friendly, safe and fun environment that strives for excellence in all areas of operation including:

  • Welcoming new players to the game.

  • Continuous development of pickleball skills from the beginner to advanced players.

  • Offering organized recreational and competitive play for all participants.

  • Developing a co-operative relationship with the community in the development of indoor/outdoor pickleball facilities.


LCPC will co-operate and partner with the District of Lake Country, the residents of the communities we play in, and other groups having similar interests in achieving our goals and objectives.

LCPC Executive Team

On August 30, 2023 LCPC held the Annual General Meeting and the following members were elected to form the Board of Directors for 2023-24.

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