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SOCIAL PLAY will continue as long as the weather permits safe play on the courts!

SOCIAL Play is fun, friendly, competition that is available for all members within their assigned group. Game results are NOT recorded, and this level of play does NOT affect your player rating. Members must have a Sign-Up Genius account in order to receive invitations to play with their group. Members can "Sign-Up" for available time slots by logging in to your Sign-Up Genius account and clicking on the Sign-Up button for the dates and times you want to play. You are also able to see other members of your group who have registered for each date. The schedule and court assignments are based on a weekly rotating basis for all groups. 

  • SOCIAL Play requires all players to have a SignUp Genius account with a unique email address and secure password.

  • All registered players have been assigned to 1 of 6 Playing Groups: 2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.25+

  • Players will receive an invite to SOCIAL play with their Group on assigned days, times, and courts by email.

  • Players will "SignUp" for SOCIAL play on the days and times assigned to their Group.

  • Each scheduled date & time has a limited number of slots available. There is no waitlist. 

  • Days/times and court allocations are scheduled on a rotating basis. 

  • The number of courts assigned to each Group is based on the number of players in the Group. 

  • Players can see the names of other players signed up; and the number of spots available for each time slot.

  • Court utilization will be monitored and adjustments made as required.

  • Important - if you can't make a date/time you have signed up for, PLEASE delete your name from the SignUp list to open up space for other players. This will also help Group Captains plan for play format, and possibly invite other players to fill out the Group. (See instructions below on how to delete your name from a SignUp)

Invitation to Sign Up

Once you have setup your SignUp Genius account you will receive invitations for your group SOCIAL Play by email. Simply click on the "Sign-Up" button in the mail and you will see the schedule for your Group. In order to complete the sign-up, or make any changes to existing sign-ups, you will be required to login to your account. 

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TIP! If you don't see the invite in your INBOX check your JUNK email folder - add this email address to your safe senders/contact list. 

The following is a sample SOCIAL Play schedule from SignUp Genius.

After you click on your invite or log-in to your SignUp Genius account, you will see the list of SignUps for your Group SOCIAL Play including date, time and court assignments. The number of player slots available are also displayed. Click on the "Sign Up" button to register for each date & time you want to play. If slots are available, you will receive a confirmation email that you are on the list. You can also see the other members of your playing Group that have registered.

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Changed your mind or Can't make your Sign-up? If you sign-up to play and change your mind or cannot attend, please login to your account and delete your name from the sign-up. This will open up space for other members and will also help your Group Captain(s) in planning how many players are attending. See information below on how to delete your name from a SignUp. 

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