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Why does the club need a ball program?
  • The club is not in a position to provide unlimited “FREE” balls.

  • Other clubs do not provide unlimited “FREE” balls.

  • Too many balls have gone “missing”.

  • In 2023 the club purchased 562 balls at a cost of $1998.39 !

  • This money can be spent in other areas that benefit all club members.

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How does the program work?
  • The Selkirk S1 Pro Pickleball will be the “Official Ball of LCPC”.

  • Each Playing Group will be allocated 50 “FREE” balls for the season.

  • Only Selkirk S1 balls will be used during scheduled play.

  • The Pro S1 ball has good pace and plays consistently for all levels.

  • Selkirk Pro S1 is recognized as the most durable ball available.

  • Each group is responsible for the care of their pickleballs.

  • Groups can organize a group purchase for additional balls if required.

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Learn more about the Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball

B.Y.O.B. (Buy Your Own Balls)
  • LCPC Members can buy S1 balls from LCPC for personal use.

  • Balls are sold in groups of 3 for $10

  • Balls will be available for purchase through the LCPC website. Cash Only!

Place Your Selkirk S1 Ball Order Now!

Balls are sold in groups of 3 for $10 - Cash Only.

Please indicate how many balls you would like to request and we will confirm your order based on availability. 

Orders must be placed in multiples of 3. No single ball orders.

Orders can be picked up at Benchlands Pickleball Courts during scheduled club hours. 

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Thanks for ordering! You will receive notification when balls can be picked up at the courts!

Members Pricing Only!
3 balls for $10
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