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Pickleball in Lake Country 

 June 17 - 22nd is Week #2 on the schedule 

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Be Prepared - Be Aware - Be Ready

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There is an AED in the storage shed, upper right hand corner.

The address for the courts is 9663 Benchlands Drive

  1. If a serious injury or other medical emergency occurs, immediately call 911. It is best to have the person calling 911 physically with the patient at the time the call is made if at all possible. Be sure that the following information is provided to the dispatcher:

  2. The age and gender of the patient. If you are unsure of the patient’s age, estimate.

  3. The location of the patient.

  4. The nature of the medical emergency and whether or not the patient is conscious and breathing.

  5. Any other pertinent information, such as events leading up to the emergency or known past medical history of the patient.

  6. Ensure that the scene is safe prior to approaching the patient and reassure the patient that help is on the way.

  7. Do not move the patient unless absolutely necessary.

  8. If you are trained in first aid, you may provide care per your level of training until the Fire Department arrives.

  9. Upon arrival of the Emergency Services, remain on scene and provide any specific information about the patient and their condition that you are aware of.

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Benchlands Park Pickleball Courts

LCPC has developed a positive working relationship with the District of Lake Country (DLC) and the community of Lakestone. Our members enjoy scheduled play on 9 pickleball courts at Benchlands Park under an agreement with the DLC that provides our club with exclusive use of the courts from April 1st to November 30th during specified times. Benchlands Park is just a "drop shot" away from the shores of Lake Okanagan and has ample parking, bathroom facilities, seating area and our club storage locker. It is a wonderful place to get out and play!

For more information on court location, times and facilities please click on the button below.


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