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Brackets Play

Brackets is competitive play against players of similar skill levels. Game results are recorded and will impact player ratings. MEMBERS WILL NOT RECEIVE AN INVITATION TO BRACKETS PLAY. You will access the schedule and "Opt-In" to individual game days through the Pickleball Brackets web site.  

Please arrive 15 minutes before start time on game day.  Late arrivals may be disqualified from the session. Players are encouraged to bring their smart phones, you will be able to view your playing groups, court assignments and enter the results of your games in Pickleball Brackets. 

Groups will consist of 4 or 5 players. Groups of 4 players will play round robin games first to 20 points. Groups of 5 players will play games first to 15 points. Scores are entered at the conclusion of each game. **If the spread of ratings is too wide within a group, the host may change the format and/or run as a non-scored round-robin for that group**

Mens / Womens / Co-Ed   Leagues

Players from all Groups are eligible for all sessions. 
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Click button to go to Pickleball Brackets

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Create, Register & Opt-IN

1. Create Your Account in Pickleball Brackets


Members who wish to participate in Brackets play will require a Pickleball Brackets account (it’s free) and a completed profile. 


  • Click on the attached link to go to the Pickleball Brackets home page -

  • Complete your personal information profile

  • Make LCPC your "Home Club"

  • Under Option 6 - Add your Pickleball Canada Registration # provided to you when you registered with LCPC and paid your fees. This is IMPORTANT and required in order to be attached to LCPC. 

  • Provide a self-rating the same as your LCPC Group. For example, if you are in Group 3.5 for Social Play, you should self-rate at 3.5 for Brackets Play. Those players who self-rate outside of their Group will not be eligible to participate. 

2. Register for Brackets League Play


Once you have created your Pickleball Brackets profile, you can now register for the "League" that you would like to play in. There are 3 Leagues scheduled for play in July: Mens / Womens / Co-Ed

  • Sign in to your Pickleball Brackets account.

  • Select “Leagues” in the menu at the top of the page

  • Click on search bar (magnifying glass)

  • Enter key word “Lake Country”

  • Find the League you want to play in - Mens / Womens / Co-Ed

  • Click on green “Register" box

  • A pop-up box will appear – click on "Schedule"

  • Once you are signed up for League play you can view them by clicking on the menu item ‘Leagues’ at the top of the Pickleball Brackets home page and then clicking on the orange, “My League Schedule”.  This is where you will go to "Opt-in" on a weekly basis. You are not committed to play every week when you join a league.

  • Joining the League does NOT register you for each days’ play - you must "Opt-In" for each scheduled game day... see information below. 

3. Opt-In

Players must "Opt-In" for each playing day to be included in a playing group.  "Opt-In" starts 7 days prior to the League game day starting at 6:00 pm;  and closes at 6:00 pm the day before game day.  Once a game day roster is full, you will be added to a waitlist. 

4. Opt-Out

If you have "Opted–in" and then need to withdraw, it is important to "Opt-Out" to cancel your roster spot so that a waitlisted player can be added to the playing roster.

A Guide for Pickleball Brackets

YES, Pickleball Brackets is confusing and we continue to get lots of questions on how to register, and Opt-In for BRACKETS play. Below is a guide that was created to help you Register on Pickleball Brackets and then Opt-In to play. Please take some time to download, read and understand the document included below. This will help you setup your Pickleball Brackets account, get Registered to play and Opt-In to the specific dates you want to play.  We hope this helps make the process a little easier. 

Click below to download the Guide

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